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PayPal is an online payment processing website, it acts like banks where you can save money, receive payments, payout, make transfer and shop online etc.

PayPal is very good and effective in its function; in fact, it is rated as the leader of the world online payment processing partner, but the operators operates in a very harsh and challenging way all in the name of maintaining quality and security. The PayPal terms and conditions seem to be so wicked, for example, personal account users cannot withdraw beyond $1000 in a month. A lot of verification has to be done before PayPal allows your account to run operation. Many users had complained of account freezing for a reason PayPal could not explain.

What I personally thought is that PayPal is over conscious of security, which is why they act harshly, I won’t really blame them, and they understand the fact that the internet is full of scam.

One more thing that makes me think that PayPal alternatives is that PayPal doesn’t accept some countries to use their service, if you are with a Nigerian IP, PayPal will never allow you to access their service.

Let’s check out the List of the best 10 PayPal Alternatives


You know the popular AlertPay? It is now been rebranded to PayZa. What to expect on AlertPay is new service delivery, optimized tools and features, with a friendly platform. You can make a transfer from one account to another as well as directly withdrawing with your bank account. PayZa is rated as the leading online Payment processor that can replace the stubborn PP that gives so much worries, therefore, PayZa is the best PayPal alternative.


This is another online payment processor that stands out without giving users any headache. This website archives large number of users in its database, and integrating its billing system into websites that need payment methods for its shoppers. Some of its partner websites includes; Odesk, WUBB, etc

Payoneer is a good PayPal alternative as you can use its credit card to shop online, and to withdraw fund from your local MasterCard ATM points.


LibertyReserve is one of the most popular payment processor in the world, it serves its best as a PayPal alternative as you can utilize it to receive payment online, transfer fund. You can withdraw your money in your local bank through an exchange.

If you are a Forex Trader, some platforms allows you to trade with LR account.

Though it is used worldwide to receive payment, few online shop carts includes them for payment processing, but it stand so useful as a PayPal alternative.

Digital River

The company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota forms a good partnership with over 40,000 online shop carts in just few years of establishment; DR finds its place in businesses to serve e-commerce functionality to grow businesses. Its customers give good report that it could serve a PayPal alternative.


A payment processor that works in a unique way, it is recommended for large and small transactions. Escrow created a method of payment to reduce the risk of fraud. Whenever you order for a product using escrow, the system holds your money till the good is being delivered, upon making your satisfactory statement for the product, Escrow then releases the money to the seller of the product you bought.

The only setback on Escrow is that, it could not handle high volume of transaction, few of the things you can buy using escrow includes; Car, computers, boat, website, etc.

It runs a fast and effective method of online payment, but charges a little higher percentage on each transaction. It could stand a PayPal alternative.

Perfect Money

If you like to engage in some online investment like HYIP, PM will be very good payment processor for you. It is a goog PayPal alternative, just like PayZa, you can withdraw your money through an exchange.


Companies like eBay is a very good partner of CertPay, it is of Canadian origin and useful to only the residents. This PayPal alternative in Canada is linked to your local bank account and you can easily withdraw your money. Acxsys Corp is he brain behind CertPay.


This service is only active in the US, compatible with eBay credit services. Their service has a back up by the National Merchant Bancard and useful only for US resident sellers.

Their charge is relatively low and can be utilized as a PayPal alternative.

Some of the services offered include;

  • EBay shopping Integration
  • Payment gateway
  • Merchant account


They offer services such as Swipe card payment, Internet payments, General bill payments, Direct debit etc., It is mostly used by UK residents and companies. It’s another online payment processor signed by EBay Company all over Europe and the US. It is very good for a PayPal alternative, but is available to people living in UK and Western Europe such as Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.


This service is not signed by eBay, but it is still accepted for buying and selling on eBay.

These are the list of ten website you can utilize as PayPal alternative, for your online Payment processing. Go to their web links, study them, and sign up the ones that mostly suites you.

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